How your shop can compete with the big boys online

Do you have an old fashioned bricks and mortar shop?  Are you finding that online retailers are eating your lunch and coming back for dessert too?  You are probably wondering how you can compete on price and convenience. Well we might just have the answer: Click and Collect.

One of the major costs to someone buying something online, especially from abroad, is shipping.  This is sneakily added at the end of the process and can often add an extra €15 – €20 to the cost of an item, making it not such a “bargain” after all.

It also negates the need to collect money through credit cards, which in these credit strapped times is a major plus – many people don’t like putting money on credit cards.

It also means that the customer doesn’t have to hang around at home waiting for a delivery – they simply pop down to their local shop and you get to meet them – face to face !

The other problem the Irish retailer has is the Euro – € 30 sounds so much more than £25 but in fact it’s quite a bit less (at the time of writing at least – £25 was €34.44 ). So if you display your sterling equivalent prices next to the Euro ones (assuming they are reasonably competitive ) , coupled with a Click To Collect option, gives you an inexpensive shop window on the web!