Every company even down to the smallest sole trader needs a website these days. There are a bewildering array of options nowadays, but many of them are taking a stock template, changing a few colours and the logo and pushing it out. This is fine if your website is very simple, but if you require any customisation then you are in trouble. If you have a brand image you need reflected on your website, this approach just won’t cut it, as to do anything with the layout, it can often be really difficult.

If you need booking forms, e-commerce that is more than selling a few very simple products, or anything else, this “cookie cutter” approach won’t work anymore. The only solution is to start from scratch.

At BeMoore we use our own custom system to build websites in WordPress, which allows infinite design and layout possibilities.

We also have a range of very flexible plugins we have developed in house and built to wordpress standards, These are based on over 10 years of experience with actual customer requirements. We are not against using existing plugins, some are excellent : we just are very careful about which ones we use, as many cause more problems than they solve.

If there isn’t a premade solution for your application, we can also develop plugins to do anything you can imagine.

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