If your website is important to your business, BeMoore have a service for protecting WordPress websites called SafeNSound. More details below.

We can also assist you with solutions around all aspects of online security. Contact us for more details.

Updates of all plugins, themes and core files.

Outdated plugins, themes and core files leave the door wide open for hackers and malware.

Daily backups

SafeNsound makes daily full backups of files and databases. These are stored offsite.

Backups are easily restored free of charge . This protects against both mistakes and malicious acts.

Weekly security scans for viruses and malware

SafeNsound performs daily security scans for all known viruses and malware and alerts of any danger.Viruses and malware can be contained before they do any damage.

Weekly performance scans

Weekly performance scans will point out any issues with your site before they become a problem.

Monitoring in real-time of all hacking events

Every login attempt is logged. There is a difference made between genuine users and hackers. Suspected hackers are blocked out of the site.

Spam control / removal of spam comments

Spam clogs up your site, negatively impacting on your site performance. Spam also introduces viruses and malware into your site. SafeNsound effectively deals with spam, and stops spam dead in its tracks.

Enforce strong passwords and limit user login attemps

SafeNsound will not allow users to use weak passwords.

Uptime / Downtime monitoring

Lets you know in detail when your site is down and for how long.

Block fake googlebots

safeNsound differentiates between genuine googlebots and fake ones. Fake ones are blocked.

Free restores of your site in case of hacking

If despite our best efforts your site gets hacked, we can restore it within minutes with a click of a button.

Free restore of your site in case of customer error

If you accidentally erase content from your site or otherwise make a mistake , we can restore your site with a click of a button.

SEO keyword analysis

We monitor your keywords for seo google rankings and compare you results to your competitors.

Monthly reports

You will receive a monthly report with details of all the above measures. Click here to see a sample report.

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